Partner in the transformation of commerce and consumption

Partner in the transformation of commerce, Oney gives everyone the power to improve their daily lives and consume better.

2020 will have been unprecedented in many ways. All over the world and for each and every one of us, COVID-19 has thrown our lives, habits, ways of workings and business into turmoil, bringing challenges and, of course, change. In the world of retail, banking and our way of (better) consuming, there will be a before and an after.

2020 was also a year of solidarity, a time when we looked out for each other, our employees, our customers and our partners. Since the very start of the crisis, all of Oney employees have pulled together to keep Oney operational, and to support our partners and customers.

For 37 years, we have played an important role in driving the economy. Thanks to our innovative payment solutions and our financing services and offers, we support our retailers both on and offline, and allow our customers to improve their daily lives and to consume better. Oney now has 7.8 million customers and 550 partners. We are established in 12 countries and our international development continues.

In 2020, we stayed the course and our Oney 2024 strategy was given an added boost by the consumption patterns that emerged as a result of the global pandemic. The increased use of online shopping and payment solutions has reinforced the relevance of the strategy we have put in place to respond to changing consumer behaviours: the digitisation of services and e-commerce support for our retail partners and customers.

We are committed to give everyone the power to consume better by supporting circular economy. To do this, we are deploying our solutions to a growing number of partners in the circular economy, thereby responding to the boom in the purchase of refurbished and second-hand products – a major European trend and a shift towards better consumption. It is a reality also observed in Oney’s activities. Indeed, the amount of purchases made using our split payment solution (3x4x Oney) in the circular economy sector has increased significantly in 2020 (up 67%).

2020, the pursuit of our European conquest

Our transformation has stepped up a gear. 2020 is our first year with our double shareholding BPCE and Auchan Holding. The support of our two shareholders has made it possible for us to deploy our unique European strategy and introduce a new, more global organisation that means we can move forward in a coherent and coordinated way throughout Europe, in particular by using more and more global tools and by prioritising a cross-functional approach.

2020 was also about pursuing our growth in Europe. We launched our business in Germany, which becomes the twelfth country in which we operate, a major step in our European expansion – Germany being the third largest e-commerce country in Europe.

More than 550 retail partners in Europe now place their trust in us every single day. We support them with solutions adapted to their purchasing journey. To meet their needs, we are continually improving our offer, simplifying and digitising customer journeys, offering international support to our partners, and partnering with more and more Payment Service Providers to give a maximum number of online and off-line retailers access to our solution. Our split payment solution is now available in seven countries and we are the leaders in France, Italy, Romania and Portugal.

We have also made important progress towards our goal of complying with the Paris Agreements by reducing our carbon emissions. Our strategy has been validated, it is applicable to all the countries where we operate and has enabled writing of specific and precise action plans. We are therefore well on our way, and resolutely determined to do our part for a fairer, more human and more sustainable world.

2021, towards a more conscious consumption.

In 2021, we will step up our development and growth for the benefit of our customers, retail partners, employees and shareholders, and will continue to support the transformation of commerce towards more digital and more conscious consumption. Now more than ever, we are partner in the transformation of commerce, giving everyone the power to improve their daily lives and to consume better.

Jean-Yves Forel

Managing Director in charge of European Day to Day Bank and Paris 2024 Olympic Games Project, BPCE Member of General Management Committee of BPCE Group

Jean-Pierre Viboud

CEO Oney

2020, an unprecedented year!

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